• Reset Your Mobile Memory Card Password 2 minutes
    We usually set password for our memory card for privacy and security, but the common mistake every one does at least once in out life time forgetting password. If you set password for mobile memory card, then you should be not forget the password. If you does then the only option is to formate your memory card with the help of the card reader and eventually the loss of all your data stored on it. There is a way to break the security wall. If you are a Symbian device lover then no need to worry about the password. You can crack them in few minutes.

    In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to reset your memory card password in easy step. Before we start you need to have X-plore (application used to explore your system files and folder even the hidden folders in your device)

    Step1: Install X-Plore in your mobile. If you want to download X-Plore search around internet you can download free trail.

    Step2: Open your X-plore apps and Press 0(Zero) and check which you have marked the "show the system files"

    Step3: Once you done that now go to the following path C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore

    Step4: Once you reached there you need to press "3" under option to set it in the Hex-viewer

    Step5: See the third column you will able to see a line of code ! TMSD02G (c??"?x???6?2?6?2?6). Just check the character between the "?" it is your password ie: 62626

    Note: If you have not set the password, then you will not able to gain access to C:/Sys/Data

  • Set Full Screen Wallpaper For Your Symbian S60v3 Mobile
    This is most common question even of us will ask, is it possible to set full screen wallpaper for Symbian S60v3 Mobile. By default most Symbian S60v3 device not support to set full-screen wallpaper. Today I found a new application that allow you to set. This application is very cool and easy to install and use it.

    All you need to install this application on your device and select the wallpaper that you love to set.

    Here is the download link: Theme Creator

  • Get Symbian S60v3/v5 Certification & Key in 5 minutes
    This tutorial is easy to understood and teach you how to get the certificate key. I have explained this tutorial with screen shot by installing the English version. Although the English version is unsigned which cannot be installed with out the phone hacking. If you want to install English version you have to install unsigned application using Drakkarious or using Bin-PAD Secman method I have used the chines version of signed application which will install on your device with out any error. Just follow the screen shot, it will guide you to achieve the goal.

    The certificate and key generated by this method will expire in next 3 years and have 17 capabilities like opda's certification.

    Download Link: XStevedore.zip

    Step1: Download and install the signed version of the Symbian application on your Nokia device.

    Step2: Open the application and select the Settings option ans shown in the screen shot.

    Step3: Under the setting option you will able to check the three option 1) Access Point 2) download path 3) Quit Tips

    Step4: Change the access point to your mobile operator access point where you can get conneced with Internet

    Step5: Change the download Path to the SD Memory card.

    Step6: Once you done the step 4 & step 5 now come to the previous menu as shown in screen shot 1

    Step7: Now select the Signature option and get in to the Signature option.

    Step8: Now check the option bottom at the left button under which you can find "certificate tool"

    Step9: under the certificate tool you will able to see two option. Now select the "A bottom to download"

    Step10: After you selecting the "A button to download" the downloading will start automatically by using the default access point that you set in step 4 and it will ask where to save the file, now select the memory stick to save.

    Step 11: With the help of X-plore browse the certificate. In this tutorial I have saved the certificate under MyCert Folder

    The following mobile phones will support this certification method


    N96, N95, N93i, N92, N91, N86, N85, N82, N81, N80, N79, N7 8, N 77, N76, N75, N73, N71, E90, E75, E72, E71, E63, E70, E66, E65, E62, E61 i, E61, E60, E55, E50, 6650T, 6220c, 6210n, 6122c, 612 0c, 61 10N, 6290, 5730XM, 5700, 5630XM, 5500, 5320XM, 3260, 32 50, 5800/ 5802/ 5230/ N97/ N97mini/ X6


    G810e, G818e, I400, I408, I450, I458, I520, I528, I550, I5 5 0w, I558, I558w, I560, I568, I8510, L870, L878, I8910





    Note: Indian user are getting some error while downloading from the default access point I advise them to use Proper Access point

    If your device fail to download the certificate then I advise you to try this method after an hour

    I hope you enjoy this hacking tutorial. Try it and share you idea with us

  • BSNL 3G Hack! Browse Internet at 120 Kbps For Free Today I am going to show how to hack BSNL 3G hack and browse unlimited internet at high speed up to 120 Kbps. I am not sure whether this hacking is still working or not, members from other forums are posting that this hack is working fine for them.

    Before you start learning how to hack you need to have BSNL 2G SIM and ultimately 3G support mobile phone.

    Just follow up the instruction:
    1. Recharge your 2G SIM with Rs 1 to convert it to 3G SIM and use them for free hours
    2. Check the balance by dialing *123#, the message will show that your GPRS free usage is ZERO MB
    3. Now recharge again with Rs 1 to convert in to 2G SIM
    4. Now recharge with Rs 274 for unlimited GPRS usage for 2G SIM 
    5. Now again recharge with Rs 1 to convert in to 3G SIM 
    6. Thats it You have hacked your BSNL 3G for unlimited browsing check the GPRS free usage by dialing *123# it will show 1250000 MB free usage.

    Hope it will work for you! Try it and share you thought with us! 

  • Again Airtel GPRS Hack! Browse Internet For Free

    I really don't know whether this trick is working or not, but I found in some forums that members are posting that this trick is still working fine! IF you want to browse internet for free of cost using Airtel Live. All you need to have a free mobile browser Opera 4.2 or 5 Beta 2 and some GPRS setting in Airtel Live

    IF your Airtel Live is not active, call the customer care and receive Airtel Live setting and configure according to their guidance.

    Now download the following Opera mobile browser and install it in to your mobile.

    Now you have have activated your Airtel Live and opera mini browner.

    Now change the follow the instruction to configure your Airtel Live setting to surf freely

    For s60 users:

    Create a new access point and set
    Access Point as airtelgprs.com
    Proxy address=
    Port= 80 (Remember its 80 not 8080)

    Just try it on your mobile and share your feeback with us.


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